Care Of Orchids As House Plants


Care Of Orchids As House Plants

Orchid house plants are an exotic option for flowering houseplants. They produce elegant stems that have a light curve filled with blooms. These create a touch of elegance and sophistication in any room.

They are easy to care for, though they do require some minor upkeep. This upkeep is necessary to keep them blooming during grow seasons. The upkeep is simple, making it easy for even beginners to do.

How To Take Care Of Orchid Plants
Taking care of orchid plants is so simple that a beginner can do it. They need the basics that any houseplant does – water and sunlight. The level of both needs to be controlled to keep the plant alive.

Watering should be done at least once per week for most orchids. The goal is to let soil retain some moisture but not stay soaked. Slightly dry soil is also important, but never fully dry soil.

The dryness of soil can vary depending on the mixture that is used. Some may retain more moisture while other types dry out faster. This makes it important to check the moisture on a regular basis.

Create The Perfect Spot For An Orchid House Plant
Creating the perfect spot for an orchid house plant is simple. These plants love ample sunlight and a constant warm temperature. They tend to perform poorly in cold or darker areas of the home.

Many orchids prefer temperatures of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit daily. This temperature should not be allowed to fluctuate too frequently. This can lead to problems with growth, or contribute to flower death.

Vents for heating or cooling can cause temperatures to change quickly. These should be covered if possible to direct the air elsewhere. This can help keep temperatures better stabilized for the orchids.

Many recommend placing the plants in a shaded window, or near one. This allows filtered sunlight to reach the leaves without damage. This is preferred by those who want to get the best growth possible.

While window placement is often ideal, it is not a requirement. Many plants will thrive in other areas that have good lighting. This lighting can be added by placing a grow light on the table.

When using any light source, it is crucial to avoid direct light. Light that is too close, or too bright can cause damage to orchids. This can come in the form of brown spots, or petal dropping.

Grow Orchid Plants In Any Room Of The Home
Areas that have a higher humidity are ideal for growing orchids. This humidity is important for keeping moisture levels controlled. Without it, soil may dry out quickly, causing the plant to wither.

For this reason, bathrooms are often an ideal location for some. However, if there is not enough light, the plant can begin to die. This is why bathrooms should only be chosen if there are windows.

Rooms that are more dry may require extra steps for more humidity. This is easily done by adding a pebble tray to the base of the pots. This will create a steady supply of humidity for orchids to grow in.

In winter, paying attention to humidity is important for any plant. The dry air caused by heating can damage almost any orchid plant gift. This is why pebble trays are a common sight for many potted orchids.

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