Gardening with Top Soil


Gardening with Top Soil

People generally think that dirt is dirt, but dirt has great importance when it comes to gardening. Soil which has too much quantity of sand will drain well but it will also dry faster that effect the plant as they wilt and suffer. Soil that is rich in clay will holds water like a sponge but problem with it is that clay soil will not allow to pass air or water and become waterlogged and will not grow well. The prefect soil for garden is the mixture of both sandy and clay soil in proper manner and you will also called topsoil to this soil.


Many people do not have good knowledge of soil and they will not differentiate between sandy and clay soil. I will tell you simple tip for it that scoop up some soil in your hand and close your fist tightly. When you open your hand you will easily differentiate if soil keeps its shape tightly with less movement then you have clay soil. If soil quickly breaks and falls through your fingers it means that soil is sandy. Sandy loam soil will hold its shape for a minute and then slowly crumble into large moist chunks by doing this simple test you can choose best soil for your garden.


Everyone is not lucky enough to have quality soil to grow their gardens but you will amend your soil so it is perfect blend for growing a healthy and beautiful garden. You have also option to dig out the bad soil and replace it with good soil. Today you will purchase quality top soil from most garden centers. Many people thinks that topsoil is expensive but it is not true but before going to purchase browse net well and choose best topsoil supplier. In gardening experience matter a lot so make sure that you will buy soil from some experienced person who is in this business since many years.


Every soil has its own positive points like different soil composition give you different benefits. Sandy soil is good for root decay because it prevent moisture from building up. Sandy soil is best because it provide great drainage and has more nutrients as compare with any other. Loamy soil also is also good as it is easy to work with and also has great drainage system. It is true that gardening and garden design will start with soil composition. If you want good design for your garden then base of garden should be strong. I think my knowledge would help you to beautify and choosing soil for your garden. 

Author has had very vast knowledge of topsoil. If you

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