Spring Flowers and Bulbs

Gardening is one of the most preferred hobbies all over the world. Some people do it because of their interest while others do it in their free time. Gardening may sound easy but it involves lots of hard work by the owner. It is not easy to look after each plant and maintain them for long time. You have to show patience. Now you can have gardening tips online. Yes there are many professionals who will give you best gardening tips.


Before planning for a garden you have to do lots of work like how will you design garden etc. Now you don’t have to worry about it because there are some sites which will provide you all the tips and things that to need to know about gardening. Daily motion is a site which gives you enormous videos from professional landscape architect. You will get all the details about gardening in it. All the videos uploaded on the site are by the ones who are masters in their field of work. So you really don’t have to think twice.


Miranda Brook is a Landscape architecture who has designed spring flowers and bulbs with her assistant, Elizabeth Boyle. As many flowers are distorted by children’s and animals at home so she has design a garden for the nest spring which you can should also try to add beauty to your home.


According to her you have all information about bulbs which you are going to plant in the season of them. Make sure you take lost of pictures where you have planted your bulbs so that you have an idea about the gaps which you have to fill as they are more visible in pictures.

After taking lots of pictures of the bulbs and region around it, you should plant you bulb in the season of September and October so that you give them all natural things that they want.

Next step is that you should plant them rightly which is really important.  They should point in the upward direction with at least 4 inches apart

After this you should give soil all important and organic leaf smudge that they need. Then your plant would be ready by the next spring.  By following these steps you can grow beautiful spring flowers that will hail your garden for sur