When Should I Bring a Hostess Gift?


When Should I Bring a Hostess Gift?

When you are invited to someone’s home for a party, there are certain occasions when a hostess gift from See’s Candies or Fannie May might be appropriate, but how do you know which occasions those are? It can be quite embarrassing to show up empty handed to a party where other guests are arriving with bottles of wine, covered dishes, houseplants and other items for the hostess. On the other spectrum, you can embarrass the hostess by showing up with a gift if it was not expected. If you are unsure how to handle your party invitation and unclear as to whether it is appropriate or expected to bring a gift, check out the helpful tips below before you arrive.

Read the Invitation Clearly

When you get your invitation, read it thoroughly to determine if a gift is expected or if you should bring anything at all, such as a covered dish or your favorite drink mixers. In most cases, if you are supposed to bring something, it will be noted on the invitation. Otherwise, nothing is expected, but for certain occasions, it is customary to show up with something for the host or hostess.

It Never Hurts to Ask

If you are unsure about what you should bring to the party, you can always ask the host or hostess or someone else who is attending the party, find out what their plans are, and you can coordinate your plans accordingly.

What to Bring

If you have decided that you are supposed to bring a gift to the party or that it is a nice gesture to do so, you will need to find the appropriate gift. A houseplant makes a great gift for a housewarming party, but is a little uncommon for any other occasion. A bottle of wine suits most occasions, holidays, anniversaries and even a simple dinner party. If you want to bring something that is a no fail gift, bring along a basket of gourmet chocolates. When you bring the chocolate box or basket, you can present it to the hostess as a gift. If others have not brought anything and you feel a little embarrassed, turn it into a gift for everyone at the party.

Where to Find Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

You can find a variety of stores on the Internet that offer up edible baskets and gift assortments for an affordable price. You can check around for discounts by using coupons or coupon codes that are entered into the checkout screen for even greater savings. You can use the codes to save on gourmet chocolates, treats, pastries and a variety of other edible treats that make great hostess gifts. So, the next time you are invited to a party, just be sure you bring along an edible treat and you cannot go wrong. Everyone will love it…especially the hostess!


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