Winter Landscaping


Winter Landscaping

When trying to put together that perfect visual assortment in your back or front yard there may be a few snags along the way. Figuring out what you like and don’t like for that ideal landscape may take some time. Once you finally get that picture of the perfect landscape in your head it may be difficult learning how to care for the plants you want, or learning how to install the different structures (benches, fountains, etc) you want to complete the look. One common oversight that you may have in the entire process may be how your landscape  will look during different seasons. The one season in particular people rarely plan for with their landscapes is winter. While they plan for a great contrast of different colors in winter most of the colors go away. With careful planning, however, landscapes in the winter can be just as visually appealing as landscapes during any other season.

            Adding some good hardscape to your yard can be the easiest way to improve its winter look. These objects looks will be unaffected by the season although you may want to weather proof them depending on what material they are made out of. If you have a bench a good trick is to repaint a brighter color it for the winter season this can also be done to a fence or arbor. Finding the right fountain or statue can really looking amazing when covered with snow or icicles.

            Finding the right trees or plants can be instrumental to the ideal landscape. Look for ones that retain their foliage year round so you do not lose any color during the winter This foliage can also have a great added effect when covered with snow or ice. Also for trees think about how the bark will look if it is going to lose its foliage for the winter. Finding a tree or shrub with a really interesting bark design can be very visually appealing during winter. Besides the look of the bark some trees will have different patchworks of color to further add to your visual aesthetic.

            Look for trees or shrubs that keep their berries over the winter. These berries have a color that can really pop in contrast to winter colors. There are some apple trees that can have this effect as well. Look for plants that have bird friendly berries to draw some birds into your yard adding their color and song to your landscape. Taking good care of these plants assuming their berries are human friendly also gives you some fresh fruit to be eaten once they turn ripe. This can also be done to the same end with some vegetables as well.

            To aid with planning your perfect winter yard consult with an experienced landscaper. Not only can they do the hard work but can give you plenty of tips and advice. They may also think of something you haven’t that can really bring your whole look together or notify you to any problems you may run into.


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